pre versus pro made lashes

Well, the simple answer is Yes! It really does!

When it comes to choosing Volume lash supplies we all know Pre-made fans are the quick and easy option…and who doesn’t want more time? But the risk of purchasing pre-made Volume lash supplies, not to mention the cost overall ( they often end up costing more than Volume Lashes for Pro-made) makes them a poor choice for both Stylists and their clients.

  • Heat and Glue Bonded: Pre-made fans are either heat or glue bonded. Heat bonded means you have no hope of shedding single lashes and glue bonded means more weight! In addition, you won’t even know if the glue used in pre-made fans will react with your own lash glue well.
  • Safe Application: They don’t allow for the customisation that individual eyes need and pose a real threat of damage to your clients’ natural lashes. Being able to build the correct fan for each lash – ensures the safety and ongoing longevity of the natural lash. In addition, they have to sit on the top of the lash, increasing the risk of shedding early. Trust me you don’t want to be shedding a 6d pre-made fan. It’s a bit like having a front tooth missing
  • Costs: While in the first instance a tray of pre-made looks like value let’s take a look at the maths:

1 example tray has 320 pre-made 5D fans for $24.95 OR
1 example tray has loose volume lashes with over 4,000 lashes. That makes 800 5D fans for $43.00

  • Advanced Techniques: Using advanced techniques such as stacking or bridging assists with corrective issues such as sparse lash lines or gaps. This requires customised lash selection to preserve the natural lash for the long term.


Any Volume Lash Stylist worth their salt will know how to make pro-made volume fans!  The stylist will have been properly trained in all aspects of their artistry (and let’s be honest, it is artistry!) and will have a full understanding of the importance of protecting the health of the natural lash, the different lash growth cycles, and how to choose the right fan size for each lash. Additionally, they will have the tools and knowledge to assess a client’s eyes and work out how to customise the lashes to achieve the look the client wants. A Lash Stylist who knows their art can change the shape of the eye completely. Can you achieve this with Pre-made’s?


A Solution

If only there was a Volume method, or lash supplies that could incorporate speed AND safety…Well, guess what? There is!

Xtreme Lashes have created Omni Volume Lashes  These clever lashes were created to help with time constraints, while still offering the high quality our Stylists have come to expect from Xtreme. All of our products are created from a safety-first perspective. The other beauty of these lashes is knowing that while they lightly adhere at the base, it will work perfectly with our Xtreme Lashes Volume Adhesive…another Plus! They can also be applied to the side, bottom, top, or you can wrap the lash, offering greater durability. That’s a win-win in my eyes…and for my lashes