Retail Affiliate Program

Retail Affiliate Program = Additional revenue stream

Through this program, you can supplement income, especially if you’re unable to perform lash services. And, you will receive 20% commission on their order by simply promoting the retail products to your clients.

Participating in the Retail Affiliate Program is easy and risk-free to you and convenient for your clients. By being involved:

  • You will not have to purchase or maintain any inventory since your clients will make all their purchases at
  • We have created free eye-catching and ready-to-go marketing and promotional assets to help you promote yourself as a Retail Affiliate to your clients. These assets include videos, a retail product photo gallery, a collection of emails and text messages, custom business cards and custom banners.
  • You will receive a unique promo code – that ties your client directly to your promotional activity for 20 days, meaning each time they buy during that period you will get rewarded.

An example

  1. You email your newsletter or update to your clients with a promotion on Amplifeye Advanced Lash Fortifier. You include your unique code – that will link them to the Xtreme Lashes website. If they place an order you get 20% of the first order.  (not including shipping). For each Amplifeye you will earn $30.35.

You do not have to order the product t be sent to you. You will not have to order or store products. As your client – we will pack and send it straight to them.