Faux Mink Bold™ Gets Colourful. Our most versatile lash, gets a fresh twist with 7 new colourful hues.

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Make a statement with a bright pop of colour, or subtly complement your clients eyes using Eyelighting colour blending techniques. The new Faux Mink Bold colour range will help maximize your artistic capabilities and your clients satisfaction.

Bring colour into your world.

•    Create subtle Eyelights by blending complementary coloured lashes with classic black to enhance the iris of your clients eyes

•    Crank up the drama with a heavy application of colour on the lower layer of natural eyelashes

•    Achieve an understated closed-eye colour statement by applying on the top layer of natural lashes

•    Add colour definition to place even more emphasis on the Area of Emphasis

•    Blend with other Xtreme Lashes eyelash extension types for desired designs

Add coloured lashes to your menu for a fraction of the cost vs. purchasing individual coloured lash canisters. Breeze through artistic applications with increased efficiency due to the easy to use Lash Tray packaging.

Get the same great features of Faux Mink Bold Lashes.

•    Bold and visible tips deliver dramatic colour payoff and definition

•    Lightweight and comfortable to wear, when dry or wet

•    Enhanced ease of use and speed with the platform-style packaging

•    Sufficient space between each strip for more efficient access

Insider Tip:

Create custom looks and designs by mixing many colours together or by selecting only a few to mix. The 0.10 diameters mixed with 0.15 black eyelash extensions creates a soft, blended appearance by maintaining the overall dominant black hue. Incorporating the 0.15 diameter colour lashes with black will achieve bolder, more vibrant colour looks.

Faux Mink Bold Colour Lash Trays are available in X40™ curvature and 0.10 & 0.15mm diameter in the following options:

•    X40 Multi-colour, 0.10 size 11

•    X40 Multi-colour, 0.10 size 12

•    X40 Multi-colour, 0.15 size 11

•    X40 Multi-colour, 0.15 size 12

Single colours in multitrays available upon request as they will not be kept in stock at this time

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