Microfiber Brushes Super Fine (pack of 100)


Microfiber Brushes Super Fine (pack of 100)

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The super fine tip on this wand allows you to isolate a small area for precision and accuracy. The brushes have a flexible tip that bends easily for accurate placement and the tips are crafted from lint free, non-absorbent fiber. This economical and functional tool is invaluable for removing single Xtreme Lashes® that were placed incorrectly without disturbing the surrounding lashes. The small 1mm tip on these brushes also makes them ideal for applying the Xtreme Lashes® Protective Coating lash by lash, distributing just the amount needed. Packaged in a convenient tube with a flip bottom opening for easy dispensing. Buy these for yourself or sell to your clients as part of a maintenance package.

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Weight .086 kg
Dimensions 11 × 5 × 5 cm


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