Lash Extension Webinar : LIVE – The Art of Semblance Part 1




JULY 27th. 

Webinar 1: The Art of Semblance. 

Have you ever completed a set of lashes that were amazing when the eye was closed only to be slightly disappointed when the client opened their eyes? Have you ever required to alter or want to enhance a feature – but weren’t sure how to do it?   The client will provide an idea of the desired look. How do you go about getting it?

It is the job of the lash stylist to determine how to take a concept to reality and guide the client on design limitations and options that might look better. Features can be enhanced or changed.  This morning tea webinar will look at a range of factors that affect the design and should be considered before you begin attaching, as well as different methods of attaching lash extensions that will enrich your designs.

  1. Review of the balanced frame
  2. Moving the area of emphasis
  3. Creating Design balance
  4. Shapes and Outlines
  5. Special Effects


This is a module from the Advance Techniques Certificate. Secure your spot now.



We have invited our advanced trainer  – Kathryn Barber to take us through some of the key skills in optimising your lash stylist results. Kathryn has had a career spanning over 10 years and is one of the lead trainers for our Volume Lashes Course.