Hygro-Thermometer Clock


Hygro-Thermometer Clock

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Maximize your application time and adhesive bonding by creating the ideal environment for your services. Monitor the humidity and temperature of your work area and keep track of your application time with this compact, user-friendly device.

Ideal conditions for optimum bonding:

  • A relative humidity of 45-60%
  • A room temperature between 68 and 78°F (20-26°C)
  • Use a fresh adhesive drop every 15 minutes

Ensure a faster, stronger and longer lasting bond for your lash applications.

Monitor Features:

  • Attractive design with built-in tilt stand and wall mounting bracket
  • Three LCD displays: Time, Temperature and Humidity
  • Adjustable for °C or °F temperature display

12/24 hour clock with alar function

Additional information

Weight .153 kg
Dimensions 14 × 11 × 3 cm


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