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Hypoallergenic Lash Extension Adhesive/Glue, Rapid Cure, Medical Grade

Experience a new level of freedom with the next generation FlexFusion® Adhesive with Rapid Cure Technology. This Hypoallergenic Lash Extension Adhesive with upgraded formulation offers enhanced curing (drying) speed with Rapid Cure Technology, thinner, easier-to-use viscosity for an expert seamless attachment, and 2 adhesive colours to choose from!

FlexFusion Adhesive with Rapid Cure Technology is a hypoallergenic medical-grade eyelash extension adhesive, delivering a fusion of rapid curing (drying) speed, long-lasting adhesion, safety, flexibility, ideal viscosity, and seamless connectivity. Available in 2 colors: Black and Purple (standard colour).

This innovative formula offers a synergy of benefits without compromising performance, comfort, or lash longevity. Designed exclusively for use with Xtreme Lashes® Eyelash Extensions, this adhesive is recommended for use on all consumers, especially those with sensitive eyes or contact lens wearers. Watch Training Video

  • Remarkable cure speed with thin viscosity that is ideal for all types of applications
  • Hypoallergenic with exceptionally low fume and odor
  • Manufactured to ISO 13485:2003 Quality Management Standards
  • Made in the USA at an FDA-registered facility

Use the Xtreme Lashes Eyelash Primer during every full set and relash application. This essential product dis¬solves residual oils and optimizes natural eyelash pH, resulting in an ideal foundation for faster, more seamless, and longer-lasting attachment.

Training Video: This new rapid drying and thinner viscosity formula will require modification to the current application technique. Watch our new training video in Online Education by clicking here.

Insider Tips: If using the Black adhesive, please shake the bottle vigorously for 20 seconds before each use. Additionally, basic makeup application and normal lifestyle can resume after the eyelash extension application. However, spray or airbrush tanning, exposure to excessive steam and heat, contact lenses insertion, and use of non Xtreme Lashes® cosmetics and skincare products should be avoided within the first 3 hours.



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