Lash Application Supplies

When it comes to Lash Application Supplies, Under Eye Patches are one of the most important decisions you will make! Not just for your convenience as a Stylist but for the health and safety of your Clients.

More irritations happen because of eye patches, than lash glues!
We have all seen those pics of amazing lashes that are proudly posted….and then notice the red eyes.  It could be from a number of things but more often then not it is the patches.

You want to find patches that are easy to work with and are of good quality of course.
The things to look for are:

  1. Good Shape – find patches that mould around the eye or able to be cut  – to make sure you get all lower lashes securely tucked away
  2. Easy to stick and Re-stick when you need to reposition – this is a must to keep the tugging and irritation of the delicate skin around the eye to a minimum
  3. Not too thick – thinner patches just make the fit nicer and its easier to work
  4. Able to mark, when mapping lashes – especially when still developing your skill, being able to map on your patch is a great bonus.
  5. Lint Free!!  This speaks for itself – you don’t want pesky fibres messing up your beautiful design
  6. Anti Glare (this one is just to look after your eyes). Xtreme Lashes Silicone Patches have been improved to include anti-glare and are much slimmer. They are available in boxes of 6 pairs or 50 pairs and well worth the investment


There is so much to think about when purchasing Lash application Supplies but it is ALWAYS better to take the time and do your research. After all, it is your name that gets passed on, whether in a positive or a negative way!

Find out more about how irritation from patches can occur or learn more about each patch type – (Lint Free, Silicon or Hydrating) and what they can be used for.


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