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Xtreme Lashes® eyelash extensions must be applied ONLY by CERTIFIED XTREME LASHES® PROFESSIONALS. Please ask to see the certification of EACH INDIVIDUAL applying Xtreme Lashes®

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Important Information:

Please note that this Lash Stylists Directory Search is not a comprehensive list of every eyelash extensions professional that has completed our exclusive Eyelash Extension Training Workshop. As a courtesy to consumers, Xtreme Lashes® only includes Certified Lash Stylists below who have gone above and beyond certification requirements. The eyelash extensions salons and professionals listed here consistently meet our stringent standards for maintaining their listings to help ensure your safety and satisfaction both during and after your eyelash extension application.

Please note that the Lash Stylists listed are independent operators and are not owned or controlled by Xtreme Lashes Australia. While these Lash Stylists have met the stringent requirements to be listed and are believed to be among the best lash stylists in the world, Xtreme Lashes Australia is not liable for any claims or damages resulting from your use of the Lash Stylists listed herein.