choosing lash supplies

Peepers, baby blues, or the windows to your soul? Whatever you call them, they are Xtremely important and we only have two! So, investment in the best quality Lash Supplies is essential. But nobody wants to be ripped off, right? So what do you look for in good quality Lash Supplies and how do you decide if it’s a wise investment or a rip-off?

Start exploring each of the products used in a thorough lash application and consider their importance.

If we are talking Adhesive, Primer, Cleanser, Lashes, and Eye Patches, the highest quality is essential and not just for the clients! As technicians, you want to know that your work will last, stay looking beautiful and of course not cause reactions! We have all seen or heard…(or had to fix) the horror stories with lashes. Sometimes it’s poor training, other times the wrong/poor quality lash supplies…sometimes it’s both!


When it comes to applicators, brushes, adhesive holders, fans, or any of the consumables there is scope to shop around for a good deal provided you have the time and don’t need your order to all arrive at the same time. But just remember when it comes to brushes make sure they are lint-free and you are comparing the same types of brushes.


Must-haves in quality for Investment

Adhesive: Access to a Hypoallergenic, Medical Grade adhesive must be on your list. Most stylists will know or have a few clients with sensitivities and these adhesives are also kind to you.  Consider also the Cure Time (not just in application but how soon lashes can be exposed to water), whether the adhesive has been rebranded or is a quality adhesive that has strict testing guidelines (Rebranded adhesives are often all made in the same factory!), How long has the company been in operation and do they make and test the adhesive themselves?

Lashes: You will find the lashes you love to use and that suit your and your clients’ style aesthetic. But make sure that they Look and feel like real lashes, flexible and durable. Where possible buy lashes made to go with your adhesive and from a company that has a wide range of lash types and styles so they will blend in nicely together.

Primer: If you have your high-quality adhesive, use the Primer that goes with it. You can be sure they are designed to work together and will be the same quality.

Eye Patches: These (rather than the adhesive) are actually the number 1 reason for eye irritations!. So placement, as well as quality, are vital for the comfort and well being of your client. Shop around for great shape and hypoallergenic qualities. Silicone or Lint-Free is a must. )

Cleanser: Finding a cleanser or eyelash shampoo that is made to go with your other high-quality lash supplies is always a bonus! That way you can be sure that there are no hidden nasties that will work against the adhesive and result in premature lash loss. Look also for options in sizes that you could retail to your clients to keep their lashes looking fab.

Things to help avoid being Ripped Off

Do your homework here!! In carpentry, there is a saying in the trades “measure twice, cut once” Doing your homework on quality Lash Supplies is a bit like that. Put in the effort to really look at the product and company you are considering.

I will say it again… No rebranded products that all come from the same factory!  Look beyond the packaging and price and find a company you can rely on for consistency in quality. Do they have direct contact and a relationship with the manufacturer, and are they well established Nationally (and Internationally-even better) A company that will offer support wherever you are and where you can speak to a real person.

Remember that being able to assure your clients about the quality of your lash supplies, coupled with your talent and knowledge of a quality lash application is EVERYTHING.



Download the Lash and Adhesive Comparison Guide