The best eyelash glue

When choosing the Best Eyelash Glue there are several factors that come into consideration. Everyone is unique so searching for the one that fits yours (and your clients’ needs) may take time and consideration.

Here are a few things to think about when looking for your next bottle of adhesive.

We need to start with your clients.

Nearly every stylist will at one time come across someone with sensitivities. Now, these clients – may just not be suitable for eyelash extensions – but for many using the gentlest glue you can find is a winner.

Sensitive glues overall are a little bit slower drying. You pay a little in drying speed for having the safest glues in your deck. (The fewer nasties (cyanoacrylate) the slower the drying – but the better the safety.)  But when it comes down to it you need to ask what is a few minutes extra or a few lashes less – if you don’t have the client at all?

Using safe premium glues is also a drawcard for other clients without sensitivities – who see premium, safe products as a drawcard for a stylist. As they say with everything – you get what you pay for – and safety is one thing that people will pay for!


Skill Level of the stylist:  

Where you are in your lash stylist journey may also influence your decision. If you are just recently trained or certified, you may need a slower drying adhesive to ensure the attachment is strong.  Learning new advanced skills? Then a medium-range adhesive like Xtreme Lashes Ultra is perfect. And for the Master Stylist – a fast-drying adhesive is a must (if your client suits it of course!).

Looking for a supplier that caters to all levels of skills and speed, that way you can ensure the quality of the product is retained – even when your requirements change.


Humidity and temperature do play a part in how the adhesive performs. All liquids are born to react! Whether it is your milk going off or you champagne losing its bubbles – as soon as reacts with another element (like the moisture in the air) it wants to change!

That said, most adhesives have a similar optimal range. When you extend this range (just like when you look for faster adhesives) in general you are swapping humidity for safety.

Humidity needs to be managed as much as possible from an environmental standpoint to try and minimise adverse reactions.


Price needs to be considered!

While searching for the Best Eyelash Glue you will come across many different adhesives – with a wide variety of prices? So why are they so different. This generally comes down to quality.

Once again – you pay for what you get. Many of the more expensive adhesives have been developed and quality tested extensively, and each batch required to meet high standards.  You should also check how many ml you get in the bottle – and here is the big one – how long the shelf life is. It is not such a good deal if you are constantly throwing some of it out – because it is past its due date.



Finding the best eyelash glue may be a process. And when you find it you will know! But as outlined here – rather than looking for the best eyelash glue (full stop), you may be better looking for the best range of eyelash glues to meet you and your clients’ needs.


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